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Christmas Light Garland Holly Christmas


Christmas Light Garland Holly Christmas

Our luminous Christmas light garland will decorate your interior during all your Christmas holidays.
The design of this Holly -shaped Christmas garland will be all the rage with your guests. Respect tradition, kiss below!
These are the characteristics of the inner interior garland Holly inner Christmas:

  • measure 2 meters
  • composed of 20 white leds.
  • box comprising three AA batteries (not included)

    The absence of a power wire will allow you to install it wherever you want, from the garden to your table. LEDs consume much less and then allow optimal longevity.

    An infinite imagination for this magnificent Christmas garland

    This interior Christmas light garland will be held in many places in your home. For example, you can place it along the wall or hang it on the frame beams. Its length allows beautiful aesthetic surfaces without being too heavy.
    You can also place it on a tablecloth or simply above the front door. Overall, you will find an infinity of solutions and locations for this interior Christmas light garland. This light garland can also be placed outside. However, you must take into account that it is not designed for prolonged exposure to bad weather. You can like the mulch or place it under the roof. You can also find our other garlands here.

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