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Snow mats and artificial snow

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Showing 1–16 of 90 results

Showing 1–16 of 90 results

Showing 1–16 of 90 results

When it comes to snow, Mother Nature sometimes needs a little help. That’s where artificial snow comes in. Artificial snow is made using a process called Snow Seeding. Snow seeding occurs when silver iodide or dry ice is blown into the clouds. The silver iodide crystals act as a core around which water vapor can condense and form snowflakes.

The history of artificial snow

The first recorded case of cloud seeding was in 1946 when Vincent Schaefer used dry ice to seed clouds over Mount Greylock in Massachusetts. Since then, cloud seeding has been widely used to create winter weather conditions, including artificially creating blizzards.

While cloud seeding can be effective in some situations, it is not a perfect solution.

Why make a snow carpet at Christmas?

In many places around the world, people are used to the carpet of snow that falls each winter. For some, it’s a magical time when the world is covered in white and they can enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding. For others, it’s a nuisance that makes getting around difficult and cold. But whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that snow has a big impact on our lives.

Snow bags, an easy way to bring Christmas home

Perfect for adding realism to your home decor or Christmas tree decor, our collection of snow mats and artificial snow will beautify your decor and bring freshness to your home for Christmas.

At the exact opposite of the bottom of the tree, think of decorating your Christmas tree with a Christmas crest. This is the final touch to decorate your Christmas tree and will add height to it.

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