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7 tips for decorating your home for Christmas in 2022


Christmas is coming soon! Okay, now that the Christmas decorating panic has set in, calm down. We have some quick Christmas decorating ideas to make your life easier.

So here are our tips for decorating your home for Christmas.

1) Put up a Christmas tree

This is the quickest and easiest way to add Christmas charm to your home.

Indeed, the most obvious way to bring Christmas into your home is to add a Christmas tree, no matter what type of tree it is. It can be big, small, silver, gold, natural, artificial…

Whether you like a classic tree or a white tree with coloured lights, either way, it’s the number one way to get your home ready for the festive season.

And don’t forget the star at the top!


2) Hang a Christmas wreath.

A Christmas wreath hung on your front door will welcome your guests into your home, but wreaths look great on the inside too!

You can create a red and green wreath by adding ornaments and other Christmas items, or you can simply hang a wreath of pine needles with a ribbon to set the holiday mood.

Wreaths are a fun and easy way to bring the holiday spirit into your home.

3) Light candles

Lighting can really set the mood for warm, cosy winter days.

Lighting a candle can really add a new dimension to those Christmas decorating ideas.

Candles look great as centrepieces on tables or any piece of furniture in your home.

As a bonus, Christmas candles smell great and set the mood with scents like cinnamon and baked goods.


4) Bring out the blankets and pillows

Adding cosy blankets and pillows with touches of gold, green, red or other Christmas colours is a great way to add some fun to your decor.

In addition, you create a warm atmosphere in your home.

5) Use your wrapped gifts

Adding Christmas presents and placing them under the tree adds a touch of excitement to your Christmas decorating.

There are millions of ways to wrap Christmas presents, and you can even wrap fake boxes to place under your tree.

Add a pretty ribbon, ornaments and even gift tags and you’ve got a pretty Christmas decoration.

6) Create a hot chocolate bar.

Or any other type of festive bar.

Creating a hot chocolate bar or drinks bar is a great way to make your home instantly Christmas-ready.

Again, you can simply use things you already have like coffee mugs, straws, hot chocolate, marshmallows and other utensils.

In just a few minutes, you can turn your décor and holiday parties into a hot chocolate bar that everyone will be talking about.


7) Get your dining room ready for the holidays.

You may not be hosting a big party at home, but by adding Christmas decorations to your dining room, you can really turn every meal you have with your family into a festive feast.

Just add a centrepiece of candles and greenery or even pine cones, and your dining room will instantly become a Christmas place!

This article is now complete and I hope you enjoyed these 7 tips and tricks. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our catalogue if you are missing something in your decoration!

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